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Xero® A1i PRO Bow Sight

Xero® A1i PRO Bow Sight

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Auto-ranging Digital Sight with Dual-colour LED Pins and Micro-adjustable Rails



Be ready at a moment’s notice by using our most advanced auto-ranging digital bow sight yet. With a fast and easy to set up, giving you line of sight feedback to take your best shot every time.

No need to guess the distance to your target. This sight calculates it automatically.

Set dual pin colours, so you can find the right distance fast.

Quickly fine-tune your sight for the easiest setup yet.

Automatically creates pin stack to the estimated maximum distance for your bow based on arrow speed, draw length, and arrow diameter.

Easy on, easy off. If you travel with your bow, you’re going to love the quick-detach feature.

One-year battery life means more time hunting and more confidence in your shot.




* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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