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Collection: Youth Bows

As a child, it is the time for them to explore, experience, and develop themselves. If they are or want to pick up archery as a hobby, giving them a youth compound bow is an excellent choice. Catered more specifically to a child’s build and height, a youth compound bow offers the same advantages as any other compound bow just more optimally refined for younger children. With a lower draw weight that can be adjusted between 10 to 40 pounds as well as adjusting the draw length. Our youth compound bows can be customized to cater to your child’s requirements, allowing them to properly enjoy the sport of archery. Archery should be enjoyable to anybody and we are always willing to match the requirements of our customers to allow them to have the best experience. Whether your child is looking for a new bow or just starting out as a hobby, our Youth Compound bows are more than adequate to fit your child’s needs as they begin to refine, polish, and sharpen their archery skills.