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Waspsting Archery Target Bag

Waspsting Archery Target Bag

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Waspsting Archery Target Bag Stopping Power 380FPS


  • Height:40cm
  • Length:40cm
  • Dept:20cm

Waspsting Bag Target is designed to be the best in every way. Featuring exclusive Dual Layered Power Band Technology, the 40cm Waspsting Bag provides the stopping power that very few bag targets possess. The outer shell is made of weather and UV resistant polypropylene fabric so it will still look just as good on day 100 as it did on day 1. With improved graphics and a long lasting core the Waspsting Bag stands tough season after season.

Rated For Compound Bow Up To 380FPS
2 Finger Removing Arrows
Light Weighted - 4.2kg Only


  • Bag Target Science
  • 1. Polyester Protection
  • Most UV Stable Protection
  • 2. Polypropylene Wrap
  • Long Term Arrow Durability
  • 3. Plastic Cover
  • Waterproof Barrier
  • 4. Cut Foam Blend
  • Easy arrow removal
  • 5. Burlap Center
  • Arrow Stopping Core


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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