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Topoint R3 Recurve Bow Set Archery Takedown 58 Inch RH Target and Hunting

Topoint R3 Recurve Bow Set Archery Takedown 58 Inch RH Target and Hunting

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Draw Weight

  • Hand vision:Right handed
  • Mass weight:3.02Lbs
  • Bow Length:58"
  • Riser Length:18"
  • Bow Limbs are Hard Maple with Black Fiberglass
  • Surface finish: camo water transfer,Camo and Black camo
  • Bow string use BCY material
  • Draw weight: 40,45,50Lbs Can Be Selected
  • Color selection: Camo or Black Camo

Package Contents:

  • 1 x R3 bow
  • 1 x 5 pins bow sight,with sight light
  • 1 x Brush arrow rest,
  • 1 x Rubber stabiliser
  • 1 x Arm Guard
  • 1 x Bow Stringer
  • 1 x Finger Guard
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Bowstring wax
  • 1 x Arrow puller
  • 1 x arrow quiver with 12pcs arrows

Soft Bag Package

  • Soft bag x 1

Hard Case Package

  • Hard Case x1

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Attention: Do not Dry Fire the Bow

Introducing the R3 Compound Bow Package: Your Ultimate Archery Companion

If you're a right-handed archer seeking precision, power, and style, look no further than the R3 Compound Bow Package. Crafted with attention to detail and designed for exceptional performance, this bow is perfect for both seasoned marksmen and beginners stepping into the world of archery.

Hand Vision:
Designed specifically for right-handed archers, the R3 Compound Bow offers optimal comfort and control, enhancing your shooting experience and accuracy.

Advanced Engineering:
With a bow length of 58" and a riser length of 18", the R3 strikes a balance between manoeuvrability and stability. The bow limbs, crafted from a combination of hard maple and black fiberglass, ensure durability and flexibility, contributing to smooth and consistent shots.

Customizable Draw Weights:
Choose from three draw weight options - 40lbs, 45lbs, and 50lbs - allowing you to tailor the bow's power to your individual preference and skill level. This adaptability makes the R3 ideal for target practice, hunting, and recreational shooting.

Impeccable Finishes:
Available in striking camo water transfer, as well as camo and black camo finishes, the R3 Compound Bow boasts not only exceptional performance but also a sleek aesthetic. It's a bow that performs as good as it looks.

Comprehensive Package:
The R3 Compound Bow Package includes everything you need to hit the bullseye. From a 5-pin bow sight with a sight light for precision aiming, to a brush arrow rest for smooth arrow release, and a rubber stabilizer for reduced vibration - every component is carefully selected to elevate your archery journey.

Maintenance Made Easy:
The package comes complete with an Allen key for adjustments, bowstring wax for maintenance, and an arrow quiver with 12 arrows, so you're always ready for action. Choose between a soft bag or a hard case to keep your equipment safe and organized.

Important Note:
To ensure the longevity of your R3 Compound Bow, please refrain from dry-firing it. Dry-firing can damage the bow's components and compromise its performance. Always use the provided accessories and follow proper archery practices for a rewarding and safe experience.

Elevate your archery game with the R3 Compound Bow Package - where precision, power, and style converge to offer you an unparalleled shooting adventure.



* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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