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Sanlida Hero 8 Compound Bow

Sanlida Hero 8 Compound Bow

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  • Hero X8 Target Compound Bow
  • High strength aluminum-magnesium alloy bow handle,
  • Limbs - US Brand Gordon split limbs, made from high modulus fiberglass.
  • Limb Pockets - Precision fully adjustable.
  • String and Cables - BCY D97 string and 62X serving.
  • Cams - Fully adjustable all aluminium twin cams, creating a small draw cycle.


  • Axle-Axel::36”
  • Brace Height::7.5”
  • Draw Weight::25-40lbs,35-50lbs,45-60lbs
  • Draw Length::18-32”
  • Net Weight:3.9Lbs
  • Arrow Speed:295FPS
  • Let-off:75%
  • RH only
  • Built in vibration dampers
  • Comes with Allen Key set and full instructions


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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