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Musen Carbon Hunting Arrows Spine250

Musen Carbon Hunting Arrows Spine250

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  • MATERIAL: Pure carbon, high quality arrowhead, 100 Grains Screw on Field Points with Aluminum Insert(Changeable) , surface pattern processing.
  • Arrow Length:32-inch; ID: 6.2mm; Vanes: 2" Bohning fletching ; Spine 250
  • USED: For Compound & Recurve Bow 70 LBS, fit for hunting & target practice & outdoor shooting.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES :12 pieces of Pure carbon arrows, arrow tips insert not glued, shaft ready to trim to your own size;
  • ADVANTAGES :Ribs channel the air vortex, making the vane control the arrow more efficiently. "TPU" material surpasses all other vanes with its toughness, durability, and adhesion.; Safety; High quality; Suitable for everyone; 100% New

SP250 arrows insert is not glued yet, arrow could be cut to size once you get the arrows

Product description

Product Details:
Arrow shaft material: Pure Carbon
Arrow shaft length: 32 inch

0.244’’(I.D.) 0.299’’ (O.D.) GPI:8.9 Spine: 300
0.244’’(I.D.) 0.296’’ (O.D.) GPI:8.1 Spine: 350
0.244’’(I.D.) 0.29’’ (O.D.) GPI:7.4 Spine: 400
0.244’’(I.D.) 0.285’’ (O.D.) GPI:6.7 Spine: 500

Straightness: +/-0.003"

Vane: 2" TPU Streamline Vanes (1 white and 2 red)
Points: 100 Grains Screw on Field Point & Aluminium Insert(Changeable)


User Notice
Please check arrows before use

Brand Introduction:
Musen is a professional archery equipment manufacturer dedicated to creating perfect archery experience for consumers.The arrows are made of high strength combined braided winding technology to make high strength explosion-proof shaft. Also, it is widely used in Recurve bow, Children's bow, composite bow and slingshot in archery hall, entertainment place, school, family , parent-child entertainment and other places. Archery is a very professional sport. You must choose the right arrow to shoot according to the bow you use. A mismatched bow and arrow may damage your bow and your safety during shooting. Attention must be paid!


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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