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Martin Archery Cypress Takedown Recurve Bow

Martin Archery Cypress Takedown Recurve Bow

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Martin Archery has a tradition of excellence in making Recurves, now they are bringing models to the archery community that are not only great looking and fun to shoot but also economical. For those hunters out there looking for an eye-catching wood recurve, look no further. The Cypress uses zebra wood to highlight its distinct riser; both handsome and effective.

  • Length: 64"
  • Hand: Right
Cypress. Made from zebra wood, the bow is lovely and has the traditional dark Martin limbs. Let’s take a look at the Cypress and see how well this takedown recurve stands up to the Martin name.

What Comes With the Martin Archery Cypress?
When you open the box, you should find these items within:

  • The Martin Archery Cypress bow, including riser and limbs
  • Bow String
  • Allen Key
  • Plastic Arrow Rest for Beginners
  • What Accessories Work With This Bow?
  • Right after assembling the bow is the perfect time to install your accessories. No accessories come with the Cypress, but it is predrilled for your sight, stabilizer, or Berger button.

Many veteran archers will shoot without a sight or arrow rest, a style known as instinctive shooting, but I don’t recommend this for beginners. If you are new to archery or have been away from the sport for a while, I recommend installing an arrow rest and a sight, at a minimum, to help you get the feel for archery.

Before you start shooting, even if you choose not to install a rest, sight, or stabilizer, there are some things you need to do to tune your bow. This includes placing your nocking point, which you’ll have to purchase separately, and tuning your brace height.

How Powerful And Accurate Is The Cypress?
Once you’ve got your bow ready to shoot, you’ll naturally be ready to find out how powerful and accurate the bow is. The Cypress is available in draw weights from 35# to 55#, with the heavier draw weights naturally being the more powerful. The 64″ Martin Archery Cypress is quite powerful if you choose the higher draw weights.

Accuracy of a properly tuned Cypress is fantastic. From 40 yards, I was able to hold 1.5“ groupings with ease, using a sight. Instinctive shooting, my groupings were more in the 1.75” range, but still quite respectable. This might not be a competition target recurve, but it is certainly accurate enough for most recreational and hunting purposes.

Can I Use The Martin Archery Cypress As A Hunting Bow?
Absolutely! It is a bit long for close-quarters hunting, at 64 inches, but I still found it to be relatively easy to move through the brush and swing to bear in my tree stand. With draw weights up to 55 pounds, you can easily get a Cypress that will be deadly enough for hunting any legal game in North America, with the exception maybe of the grizzly bear. Then again, I wouldn’t recommend hunting grizzly with a bow anyways, even though there are those who love the thrill of such sport.

Is The Cypress Beginner-Friendly?
The Cypress isn’t designed for young beginners, with a minimum draw weight of 35#, but if you are an adult just getting into the sport you’ll hardly find a better bow. The Martin Archery Cypress is very forgiving of poor techniques, and it easily accepts sights and stabilizers, along with a Berger button, to trick out your bow and make it as accurate as possible.

How Durable Are The Limbs And Riser On The Cypress?
Martin Archery is known for high quality bows, and the Cypress is no exception. Properly cared for and disassembled between uses, you’ll find the recurve will last for quite some time. It’s too early to tell, but after a couple of months with the Cypress, I haven’t noticed any signs of limb twist or any other problems.

What Strings Will Fit This Recurve Bow?
The limb tips on the Cypress are reinforced, so you can use Fastflight or Flemish strings with the recurve without any problems. The included dacron string is quite good.

How Quiet Is The Bow?
The Cypress is surprisingly quiet for its price range. Add in whisker string silencers, and the bow is almost silent when you shoot. I expect this recurve to do quite well during archery season, and see no reason why a deer would string jump on me when I’m using this bow.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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