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Kehong Biomass Camping Stove

Kehong Biomass Camping Stove

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  • Outstanding Camping Wood Stove】①Unique Design, new inwardly concave 3D whirlwind burning auxiliary system. ②Double wall, naturally aspirated internal combustion structure, gather fire, save energy, and promote secondary mixed oxygen combustion, Less Smoke. ③Durable stainless steel combustion chamber, Wide refueling port, No need to remove the cooker, add fuel directly.
  • 【Exclusive Blowing System】①Built-in high-speed fan at the Side: tight buckle fixed, no tools, quick installation and removal.②USB Port and High Temperature Resistant Cable: You can connect a power bank to blowing the stove, increase the firepower. ③With wire-controlled wind speed governor: 3 speed adjustable, control the size of the fire as you like.
  • 【Efficient Biomass Stove】①Fast ignition, fire in 30 seconds, rapid heating up, combustion chamber temperature above 1800℉, Boil 100 fl oz of water for 4-6 mins. ②Pressurized and preheated mixed oxygen combustion to minimize black smoke. ③3D Swirl Fire, gather energy to burn, the firepower is 2X - 3X that of gas tank and alcohol stoves.
  • 【Lightweight Biomass Stove】①Stove weight 2.6 lb, Arc-shaped microporous stove body, pressure ring stiffener, high compressive strength, Max load is 110 lb! ②Foldable Pot Holder, large and small pot can be used, can be used by 1-8 people; ③Stainless steel mesh plate, excellent ventilation and heat dissipation, Long burning, the lower part of the stove body is not hot and can be touched safely.
  • 【Widely Used Biomass Stove】①Foldable triangular bracket with ground anchor hole, with ground nails, stable and anti-tip, for picnic, backpack, camping, survival, barbecue, home and etc..②With a waterproof carry bag for easy carrying, leaving more space for your backpack. ③Strong applicability: High and low altitudes, Any leaves, sticks, twigs, tree bark, pine branches/cones, hay, straw, waste paper and other biomass can be used as fuel.
  • 【Please note】Please follow local laws and regulations when using the stove. After the stove is used, please continue to keep the blowing for 3-5 minutes, and wait for the combustion chamber to cool before storing the stove to avoid damage to the blowing device.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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