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Junxing M120 20-70LBS Compound Bow RH/LH

Junxing M120 20-70LBS Compound Bow RH/LH

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Junxing M120 compound bow meant for both Right/Left handed archers. It has double limbs which ensures extremely long usage as it is a very strong bow. Usually you will find single limbs in many compound bows like what you found in other stores in eBay but what we are offering you here is an extremely long lasting double-limbs compound bow.

A more modernized bow, the compound bow uses a levering system which includes pulleys and cables to allow better energy retention in the bow as its strings are drawn and limbs are bent. This system provides an archer various alternatives when it comes to setting his/her wall or ideal draw length in order to achieve a consistent draw point to ensure continuous accuracy.

If consistent efficiency, accuracy and versatility are what you are after, a compound bow is the one for you!

The M120 Compound Bow is one that is built with a competitive target shooter in mind. A generous brace height of 20.32 cm and a long 76.20cm (30") axle-to-axle, this bow offers a smooth draw cycle with reduced vibration upon shot. Ideal for a finger shooter especially since its let-off is adjustable to 75%.

With the M120’s riser constructed from magnesium alloy, it weighs only 1.63kg; thus being impressively lightweight without the need to compensate for its durability and strength. Why magnesium alloy? Simply because magnesium alloy is proven to be more durable even after 10 years of use. Plus, it is very light-weighted.

So, now you know the pros of its construction and technical specifications. Let’s move on to the aesthetic appeal of the M120 Camo Compound Bow. As blatantly suggested by its name, this bow is coated in a stylish camouflage design. Be prepared to turn heads with its rugged and tough exterior. Truly a beauty inside and out!

Our Junxing M120 Compound Bow comes with a complete set of accessories which includes a bow sight, peep sight, arrow rest, arrow stabilizer, and carbon arrows – all at an extremely attractive price.

**Suitable for intermediate to advanced archers.

All the accessories are in Black color

Package Content:

  • 1 x M120 Magnesium Alloy Compound Bow Camo/black
  • 1 x bow sight 4pins
  • 1 x Peep Sight (Black)
  • 1 x Quiver (fits 4 arrows) black
  • 1 x Arrow Rest black (Black)
  • 1 x Release Aid
  • 1 x Rubber Damper
  • 1 x Stabilizer (black)
  • 10 x Target Paper
  • 4 x String Silencers
  • 1x String Wax
  • Allen Keys
  • 6x Carbon Arrows
  • 1x Soft bag

All the accessories are in Black color


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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