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Flex Archery Supra Carrera 99 Recurve Strings

Flex Archery Supra Carrera 99 Recurve Strings

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Stringflex Supra Bowstrings made with Carrerra 99-R : QD19


Stringflex Supra Carrera 99 Recurve Strings


CARRERA99 ®  is a registered trade mark by MMBC SL ( Flex Archery )

Carrera99®R bowstring is made with strands of coated  and waxed Dyneema® SK99 and served with braided or twisted Dyneema®


68inch - Bowstring size: 164.5cm


70inch - Bowstring size: 169.5cm

Custom Strings in set sizes from Pro String Making Company Stringflex

    • Nicely made Strings in Individual String Tubes
    • Tubes are good for long term Bowstring Storage and Protection
    • Colour Co-ordinated Twin Stripe and Single Colours
    • Standard International Bow Length Sizes available, and longer lengths for Formula Bows
    • Choice of Length and of Strands in the String


Advanced modern string materials with little or no stretch. If in doubt about use, check if your bow is rated for use with these non stretch materials

Makes for faster arrows and better sight marks. The trade off can be more shock in the shot and more wear on the bow and the archer, you can reduce shock with Dampers on the bow


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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