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Evercatch Waspsting Compound Bow Stabilizer 3D Archery

Evercatch Waspsting Compound Bow Stabilizer 3D Archery

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  • It is high functional hunting/3D stabilizer
  • Rod made of high modular graphite / Carbon STS carbon
  • Size: 13.5inch, 15inch, 27inch
  • Honeycomb design in the rod surface
  • STS carbon structured as Cone, so the bow side wall is thicker than another side.
  • Optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Carbon rod has special tech system could reduce or eliminate the vibration of the bow
  • More weight could be added according to you needs
  • CNC machined make it more powerful and stable platform
  • Durable anodized treatment and aluminium alloy hardware


Benefit of using Eagleclaw stabilizer:

  • Improve the ability to keep aiming
  • Special design make it suitable for most archer
  • Suitable for most hunting / 3D, and even target compound bow


More color option: Black and stainless steel weights and smoke aluminium weights

More size option: 13.5/15/27inch


Introduction for the stabilizer:

Help us aiming.

To add or reduce the weight, depends on how your vision move, if up and down, please add back rod or reduce the front rod weight, if vision move left to right, then add front rod weight.

The best way is to testing more until you get the right position and weight.


    * NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

    * NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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