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Evercatch Longbow 68inch

Evercatch Longbow 68inch

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Draw Weights
  • Designed by the engineers and developers of the original Samick Sage, we’ve combined four naturally sourced kinds of wood to create this beautiful bow that is the perfect choice for just about anyone!
  • SPECS – Available in both Left Hand (not in stock currently) and Right Hand with draw weights of 30lb – 60lb (5lb increments). Great for bowhunting, target, and traditional archery. Reinforced limb tips allow the bow to be Fast Flight and Flemish string compatible.
  • INCLUDES – one handcrafted 68” longbow (LH or RH), one 16 strand Flemish String and shelf pad
  • OPTIONAL – If you do not already own a stringer tool, please select the option to have one included (color may vary). Keep in mind that using a stringer tool is the ONLY safe way to properly assemble and disassemble your bow!
  • DARE TO COMPARE – Extraordinary quality at an affordable price and backed with an industry-leading warranty. All our bows include a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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