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ET-4C MENGYUAN Crab Bow Carbon Traditional Bow

ET-4C MENGYUAN Crab Bow Carbon Traditional Bow

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  • This ET-4C MENGYUAN Crab Bow is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass material.
  • Integrated molded limbs with lighter welght and fast rebound.
  • The grip is wrapped with the first layer of cowhide, which feels comfortable in the hand.
  • Split type traditional bow, easy to carry out.


  • Specification:
    · Length:48 inches
    · Draw weight:14-50lbs@28”, 2 lbs increments
    · Process: Molding process
    · Material: Carbon + Glass fiber
    · Brace Height: 6.7 inches
    · Weight: 600gram
    · Material of bowstring: HMPE
    · It can be used in environments below -30 degrees Celsius
    · Single product packaging specification: 650 * 170 * 60MM
    · Draw Length: Maximum draw length: 32 inches, the most comfortable draw length is within 29 inches; after 30 inches, the pulling feeling is relatively stiff.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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