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Dseeker Youth Recurve Bow Set

Dseeker Youth Recurve Bow Set

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  • 【 Trusted Companion For the Kids 】 -- Dseeker Eaglet recurve bow is a handcrafted quality item, it's built by the same standards as a traditional bow for adults. It's a perfect archery start with this youth traditional bow and worth having it. Much fun and convenient for backyard target shooting, we recommend this bow for 4-12 years old.
  • 【 High-Performance 】-- Riser is constructed by High-density Dymondwood. As a quality bow, there's natural wood grain and comfortable griping for the riser. Limbs are laminated with high-quality fiberglass and bamboo core, this provides good performance to your child and great support for archery practice or bow shooting. Base on the quality materials, the bow is so strong that safe enough for your child.
  • 【Features】-- Available in right-hand and left-hand riser orientation. When you hold the riser with your left hand and pull the string with your right hand, this's a right-handed bow. Referred the orientation from the left picture, please. Draw weights--10# # # @23", and the draw weight will change with different draw lengths. Brace heights--6", Bow length is 34".
  • 【Kids Friendly Accessories】-- This is a bow set, including many useful accessories, making sure archery shooting is not only interesting but safe for Children. Including the Arm Guard, Silicon Finger Tab, Bow stringer tool, Archery quiver, brand arrows, Bowstring, and 2pcs Target faces, especially for the arrow quiver, it's functional and worthy.
  • 【100% Customer Satisfaction】 -- We hope you'll like this cute and amazing traditional youth bow when you've any questions about the products, our team will be pleased to answer or do the warranty for you quicky.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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