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Deerseeker Traditional Hunting Long bow 54" Longbow RH 30-60lb longbow 1pcs

Deerseeker Traditional Hunting Long bow 54" Longbow RH 30-60lb longbow 1pcs

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SPECIFICATION--Draw weights at 28" are 20LBS, 25LBS, 30LBS, 35LBS, 40LBS, 45LBS, 50LBS, 55LBS, 60LBS. Brace Heights is 7.1--7.8". Bow length is 54", this is available for archery beginners and traditional bow hunting.
SNAPPY DESIGN&LAMINATED TECH--It's a durable laminated reflex and deflex traditional bow, well-constructed. Limbs are laminated with bamboo core and black fiberglass. Snappy wood bow riser design and the comfortable grip does work well for archers
5 USEFUL ACCESSORIES--For saving your money and time, we provide many useful archery accessories for you--BOWSTRING, STRINGER TOOL, FINGER TAB, ARM GUARD, and LEATHER ARROW REST
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE--We hope you'll like our products, for any quality issues Deerseeker provide the guarantee and satisfaction customer service for you.

  • Weight:0.98lbs/0.45kg
  • Draw Weight:20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70lbs
  • AMO Length:51”
  • Draw Length:28”
  • Brace Height:7.1-7.8”
  • Hand Orientation: RH/LH Available

Bow Description
  • 1. Deerseeker D-bow is suited for both beginner and professional archers. It eliminates hand shock at the most. Moreover SLEEK LOOK gives you an advantage than other longbow.
  • 2. AMO Length is 54 in. Maneuverable & lightweight, it’s easy to carry & fits in tight spots.
  • 3. DRAW WEIGTH could reach 60LBS, and minimum draw weight is 20LBS,this is amazing place at this price. It gives you many choices.
  • 4. This bow is a durable laminated traditional bow, well-constructed; both Right hand & Left hand are available.
  • 5. As a reflex/deflex bow, it's laminated with fiberglass and layers of bamboo. You could get a quick and durable longbow from Deerseeker.
  • 6. Riser is made of Ebony hardwoods, which is strong enough to bear any draw weights. Comfortable grip on the handle, this is great helpful for shooting.
  • 7. Bow string is Dyneema material, 14 STRANDS, it's fast and durable.
  • 8. This bow comes with many useful archery accessories: bow string, Stringer tool, archery finger tab, arm guard and leather arrow rest. They could help you to test and start shooting safely and easily.
  • 9. We have 1 year guarantee for you,(only for bow, NOT include string and other accessories) kindly read the specification about the guaranteed please.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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