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Dseeker Raptor 62" Recurve Bow Hard Case Package 20-60lb

Dseeker Raptor 62" Recurve Bow Hard Case Package 20-60lb

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Draw Weight
  • Perfect and durable hunting bow - Dseeker Raptor 62" recurve bow, take-down design and pack easy; max Draw Weight is 60 lb, perfect for hunting deer, elk, wild boar and bowfishing; min Draw Weight is 25 lb, friendly for beginner and target practice
  • Multi-laminate limbs & riser - the limbs are laminated with fiberglass & mapple wood, base on recurve shape, it could give this bow a faster speed and low vibration; the riser is combined with hard and high-density Dymond wood, so it's fairly strong and could support the max draw weight 60lbs
  • Superior raw materials & Reliable quality - selective wood and fiberglass, Dacron B-55 bowstring, elaborate details, comfortable ergonomic grip; Deerseeker has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing bows,which means reliable quality and durability
  • Pre-installed threaded bushings & Aluminum pockets on riser - Easy to various attachments and upgrades, such as Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, Quiver, Bow fishing reel; Aluminum pockets will guarantee exact limb placement for improved performance and accuracy as well as reduce the overall weight
  • Plenty useful accessories & 1-year guarantee

Package including:
  • Bow Riser
  • Pair of Limbs
  • Stringer
  • String
  • Nocking Points
  • Arrow Rest
  • Finger Tab
  • Arm Guard
  • Allen Key
  • 12 Feather Arrows (we pick the arrows with right spine according to your selected bow power / Poundage)
  • Hard Case


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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