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Dseeker Bow String 16 Strands Multi-Color

Dseeker Bow String 16 Strands Multi-Color

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Safe & Colorful String Materials -- Special designed and faster bowstring for Recurve bow, Longbows, and Traditional bows. The colorful materials are not only beautiful but come with precise sizes and performed for all the bows, safe enough for bow shooting and deer hunting. The vibration from the bow shooting could be absorbed by the bowstring, moreover, give it a quicker shot. Waterproof and Dustproof and applied with string Wax could well protect the bowstrings, and prolong the string life.

Endless Loop Design-- This kind of endless loop design for making it slightly quicker, Being wrapped with an average thickness of threads is great to fasten the arrow nocks at the center serving place. Comprised of 3 parts- String Loop+Under Loop Sering place+Centre Serving Place. If your bow is a recurve bow, the Bigger Loop is for the Upper Limb, and the Smaller Loop is for the Lower Limb. AMO" is the length of your BOW, and the actual length is 59" shorter than the given AMO".
AMO String Length and Strands --AMO length is the standard of archery manufacture organization and it's the length of your bow. For the longbow, the real length is 3" shorter than the given AMO length, and for the recurve bow, it's 4" shorter. If the draw weights of your bow are over 40 pounds, we recommend 14 and 16 strands, and 12 strands bowstring is for beginner bows or light draw weight bows.
100% Reliable Guarantee-- Deerseeker Outdoor provides Top-quality customer service, For any quality problems about the products, we'll take full responsibility and do a free guarantee.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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