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Daibow Vigor Compound Bow Package

Daibow Vigor Compound Bow Package

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Daibow Vigor CNC HIgh Speed Compound Bow

Package Contain:

  • Micro Adjustable Bow Sight x1
  • Drop Away Arrow Rest x1
  • Aluminum Bow Stabilizer x1
  • thumb finger release aid x 1
  • Bow Sling x1,Bow Stand x1
  • Limb Damper x1
  • Peep Sight x 2
  • Allen Key Combo x1,
  • D-Loop 10ft x1,
  • Bow String Wax x1
  • 12 carbon arrows
  • Target Paper x5

Full package with Hard Case

  • TP87 hard case


  • Aluminum CNC Maching Bow Cams and Riser
  • BCY-X Bow String/Cables
  • Gordon Composites Limbs imported from USA
  • Up to 350fps IBO Rate
  • Draw Weight:60-70lb
  • Draw Length:26.0-30.0" without Bow press
  • High Speed Cam system offers easier draw cycle and letdown, while delivering ultra fast speeds.



* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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