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Arrow Cutting Service

Arrow Cutting Service

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  • Carbon Arrows Only.
  • Arrow cutting service per dozen arrows purchased. Carbon to Carbon cut. Please measure existing shafts from one end of the carbon to the other end of the carbon.
  • Fully premade arrows are not eligible as the inserts are already installed.
  • This service does not include insert or field tip installation.
  • Arrows cut down are non refundable.
  • Sizes listed in inches - for more specific sizing please contact us.
  • Make sure you check the length of the arrows before selecting what size you want them cut to - some arrows come at 30/31 inch so we cannot cut them to 31.5" etc.

Why should I cut my arrows down?
Archers cut their arrows down to alter the weight and spine of the shaft in order to achieve better flight for their purpose. You will find a lot of target archers cut their arrows down to their draw length or close to it, give or take, to create a lighter and faster arrow. A faster arrow can help significantly with accuracy when changing between distances. Hunters, on the other hand, want a heavier arrow. So provided the spine is correct on the arrow at default length, the extra weight of the shaft will increase kinetic energy and penetration on the target.

So as a basic guide, if you are just target shooting we would recommend getting the arrows cut to your draw length to make them lighter. If there is hunting involved leave them at full length or cut them a little bit to correct the spine of the arrow (usually necessary to make the arrow stiffer, if using heavy broadheads). If you want to do both then cut your arrows to about an inch above your draw length to give you a nice well-rounded arrow weight.

To check what spine you should be using, have a look at a chart for the brand of arrow you are buying. For example, if you are getting Gold Tip arrows, check out a Gold Tip spine chart. Likewise for Easton, Victory, Carbon Express and all the rest.

If you need to get more technical advise than this, send us an inquiry!

Use only a high-speed, abrasive wheel cutoff saw specifically designed for cutting arrow shafts. Use of any other method could result in damage to the shaft. It is recommended that your arrow shaft be cut at least one inch in front of the arrow rest at full draw. Arrows that are cut too short can be drawn past the arrow rest which could result in the arrow falling from the string, jamming, or otherwise causing damage to the arrow or the bow, and could even lead to personal injury. Never shoot an arrow that is less than one inch past the arrow rest at full draw.

Tip from the Pros:

Try cutting arrow shafts on both ends to improve straightness. It is typical with all carbon arrows to find minute straightness flaws on the ends. Cutting both ends will often lead to better straightness and accuracy.


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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