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Ali Bow Turkish Bow II "Janissary"

Ali Bow Turkish Bow II "Janissary"

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Draw Weight

Turkish Bow II "Janissary"


-Brace Height: 17.5-18.5cm

-Arrow Weight: 9gpp or more
-String Length: 117.5 cm

-Bow Length Strung: 123 cm
-Bow Length Unstrung (siyah to siyah): 109 cm
-Draw length: up to 30'
-Draw Weight: 20 to 45 lbs at 28''

  • How to String the Bow Safely?

    The best way to string bow is as follows:



    String the bow improperly may result in damage or twist of the limb.


    Turkish Bow (take down version)

    Notice: the take down version can only have one arrow pass.  So please choose which side you want the arrow pass.


    The famous turkish bow is used in the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the shortest bow in history. The short limbs give it superior power when shooting lighter arrows over long distance, while the unique outward-bulging grip make it more comfortable to hold for many archers.

    Our turkish bow is very short and weighs very light---ideal for horseback archery.


    -Brace Height: 18-19cm (taken-down)

    -Arrow Weight: 9gpp or more
    -String Length: take-down 121cm (up to 35#)
    -Draw length: up to 29''


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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