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AF Turkish Bow 48" Handmade Traditional Bows Horsebow

AF Turkish Bow 48" Handmade Traditional Bows Horsebow

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Draw Weight

AF Archery Que Yue Turkish Bow


The bow's max.draw length is 32",the draw weight is measure at 28" .The bow's total length is only 117cm and string's length is 114cm.

Material:It is laminated with fiberglass and bamboo.Bow's handle and both of the bow tips are made of maple wood, We wrap the handle with cow leather which can bring the comfortable feeling for user,all items are handmade of this bow.

We have saved the classic Turkish bow’s style as well as greatly optimized its performance, It has wonderful visual with exquisite wood grain texture on bows limbs, shorter body and lighter weight(only 117cm and 400g N.W.).Unique design keeps it have very fast arrow-speed and coming with smooth draw feeling. It is suitable for horse archery or daily archery activity.

Package Contain:

  • bow *1,string*1,bow bag*1
  • Total length/(cm) :117
  • String Length/(cm) :114
  • Max.draw length/(inch) :32
  • Brace height:17cm
  • Draw Weight (lbs.):20-50lbs
  • Material :bamboo, ash wood , Glass Fiber, pull-up leather

Package Contents:

  • Bow bowstring Bow bagNotices
  • Do not aim at human
  • Do not Dry Fire
  • Take down the string when you don't use the bow
  • Put the bow in a dry and cool environment
  • When you pull the string,please do not over the max draw length!
  • Please do not use very light arrows,
  • arrow weight have to more than the poundage of the bow multiply by 0.6


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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