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AF Archery SiCai Bow

AF Archery SiCai Bow

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SiCai bow is a horn bow from the Ming Dynasty in China, similar to the Tatar bow and belonging to the short bow shape. But the size is slightly longer and the drawing distance is larger. In the history of bows and arrows, in the early stages, the long bow gradually increased its curvature, reduced its thickness, and increased its strength with the use of tendons and angles, ultimately evolving into this type of short bow. The short bow is similar to modern recurve bows, with a distinct reflexive part that participates in deformation and rebound, which naturally has the highest efficiency and is the most scientific. If you only want a bow and want various gameplay such as riding and shooting, precision shooting, etc., then this is the best choice.


Total length/(cm)  130
String Length/(cm) 130
Max.draw length/(inch) 34
Material Brids Eye Maple,Black walnut ,Bearpaw Glass Fiber .bamboo
Package Contents 1x Bow, 1x Bowstring, 1x Brocade Bow Sleeve


* NEVER use an arrow with any sign of damage.

* NEVER Dry-Fire the Bow.

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