How to Choose the Bow for You

How to Choose the Bow for You

Whether you are looking for new archery equipment to buy at an archery shop or a beginner wanting to pick up archery as a hobby, you need the right equipment to properly enjoy the sport of archery. That is why we have listed a few criterions you should consider when determining which bow to buy and which bow is right for you.


The grip can be defined as the point of contact of your hand with the bow. The grip allows you to balance the bow against your hand when you draw the bow and are about to shoot. A bow’s grip will differ from others and have a different feeling for you, what you should consider for grip is whether it sits comfortably between your palm, the pad of your thumb and if your fingers can wrap around the bow comfortably. If a grip is uncomfortable, hard on the pad of your thumb, or if you cannot wrap your fingers around you should consider another bow.

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle is what happens in terms of how much weight you pull from the moment you start pulling the bowstring until you reach full draw. The draw cycle should be smooth but depending on your physique and build the draw cycle will be very different and unique. When you are at an archery shop determining which bow to buy, take the proper time to properly draw the bow and determine whether the draw cycle is smooth and consistent to you, or whether it is aggressive.

Most importantly whilst you determine the draw cycle, you should also determine the draw weight. The draw weight is the total amount of force it takes to fully pull back the bowstring. They are usually written on the side of your bow, never pick one that has too much draw weight as it’ll be more strenuous and straining on you to pull the bow back properly. At your archery shop, you should talk to one of the workers there and they will recommend a draw weight that is adequate for you.

Hand Shock

When you fire the arrow, your hand will get a jarring feeling which is known as hand shock. Bows should transfer the potential kinetic energy from the draw cycle to the rest of the bow, otherwise, it will feel like or even potentially fly out of your hand. The bow should not be rigid but flexible to compensate for a better spread of the potential energy, otherwise, you will have a tighter grip which may lead to torquing the bow and misaiming the shot. Take your time testing out the hand shock you feel when firing a bow, our staff at Topoint Archery are more than happy to help you out with any queries you may have and are willing to help you find a bow suited for you.


At Topoint Archery, we pride ourselves in being an archery shop based in Melbourne capable of providing you with archery materials that are reliable, quality, and affordable. Ready to hit some bullseyes and impress your mates, come visit our website today now!

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